864 championship matcheshad been granted sanctions since we founded World Boxing Society, WBS, 17 years ago in 1995 to achieve our common goal "Equality" and to reform main stream of professional boxing activities in those regions- Central Asia, Oceania, Pan Pacific, Eurasia and Southeast inclusive Far East nations.

107 boxing promoters/productions in the world have organized WBS championship matches for the honor of their contenders while 15 promoters are still in active with us.

57 countries' contestants participated in 864 WBS championship matches had performed their utmost ability and power for our credibility which is the most important accomplishment to keep our stand as the best regional sanctioning body in the world.

34 countries' national Commissions/Federations have been working together with us our championship matches for the development of professional boxing industry in those regions.

24 WBS champions have eventually been crowned as WBA world champions in their respective division as the listed below while we assisted 47 WBS champions' challenge to the WBA world title;

Heavyweight Nikolay Valuev (Russia): two times champion
Lt.Heavyweight Danny Green (Australia)
Lt.Heavyweight Beibut Shumenov (Kazakhstan)
S. Middleweight Anthony Mundine (Australia)
Middleweight Anthony Mundine (Australia)
Middleweight Maselino Masoe (New Zealand)
S. Middleweight Anthony Mundine (Australia)
Lightweight Lakva Sim (Mongolia)
S.Feather Yodsanan Nanthachai (Thailand)
S.Feather Lakva Sim (Mongolia)
Featherweight Chris John (Indonesia)
S.Bantamweight Yodamrong Sithyodotong (Thailand)
S.Bantamweight Somsak Sithchahchawan (Thailand)
S.Bantamweight Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym (Thailand): two times champion
Bantamweight Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym (Thailand)
Super Flyweight Yokthai Sithoar (Thailand)
Super Flyweight Tepparith Kokietgym (Thailand)
Flyweight Sornpichai Kratingdaenggym (Thailand)
Flyweight Denkaosan Kaovichit (Thailand)
Light Flyweight Pichitnoi Sitbangprachan (Thailand)
Minimumweight Songkram Porpaoin (Thailand)
Minimumweight Kwanthai Pattalung (Thailand)
Minimumweight Pornsawan Porpramook (Thailand)
**first WBS Heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev became WBC champion

As the pioneer of regional sanctioning entity we, the WBS, have adopted new regulations and policies such as;

  • - activating Interim championship match when a champion fails to comply with his obligation of minimum numbers of defense bout,
  • - creating Super Championship title in order to accelerate our campaign and giving more opportunities to eligible contenders who wish to participate in WBS title match,
  • - expanding Junior championship title bout to give opportunity to 8-rounder boxers to fight under the WBS's banner.

Seventeen years ago few member of world boxing community had paid their attention to emergent of this Non-for-Profit sanctioning body- WBS.

Neither boxing insider predicted ever that the WBS could campaign such a great number of title matches in the short period in the global market nor member foresaw the WBS could produce topnotch WBA world champions from- Thailand, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Russia throughout the past decade.

Achievement does not come through wishing for it. It comes from hard work and positive reformation rooted in traditional values and consensus.


Director General
WBS head office in Seoul


Copyright 1995